Survey -

The focus of the work of Ecological Survey (Bangor) has been National Vegetation Classification (NVC) surveys of a wide range of habitats, specialising in neutral grasslands, woodlands, heaths, mires and saltmarshes, with major projects commissioned by Countryside Council for Wales CCW (now Natural Resources Wales NRW), the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Forestry Commission (FC), Natural England (NE), Environment Agency (EA) and the Open University (OU).

Many of these surveys have involved questions regarding natural patterns of communities related to soil and topography and the impacts of site management on distribution and quality of vegetation communities.

Major projects have included effects of coniferisation of both sand dune and upland habitats, management of northern hay meadows and floodplain meadows, and grazing in the uplands.

The use of GPS in the field and production of computer vegetation maps linked to the OS landline/mastermap have been standard procedure in reporting for many years. We have developed customised Mapinfo software to produce accurate and consistently coloured maps. Linkage of species data to these maps is also standard procedure as is the provision of all botanical data in excel spreadsheet format. Location and distribution of rare and scarce species are also reported on.